Bucket List

Over the last few years, I have begun to keep a bucket list. On that list are “achievement or goals” that I would like to accomplish in my lifetime..I keep adding to it, but here are are few to start:

  • Sky dive at least once
  • Go on a balloon ride
  • Retire and live in Italy part time
  • Consider purchasing a home in a foreign country (Italy and Costa Rica top the list)
  • Travel as much as possible – some bucket list places (in no apparent order):
    • Nashville
    • Yosemite and many other National Parks in the USA
    • Berlin
    • Peral Harbor
    • Alaska
    • France (i’ve been to Paris, but really want to see the rest of the country)
    • Explore more of southern Italy (there is so much to see)
    • Lake Como and the other great lakes of Northern Italy
    • Thailand
    • Maldives
    • Galapagos Islands
    • Panama
    • Morocco
    • Machu Picchu
    • Auschwitz & Karkow Poland
    • Belize
    • Croatia (been to Dubrovnik but would like to see more of the country)
    • Savannah, Georgia
    • Florida Keys
    • Oregon
    • Banff, Alberta, Canada


  • Learn to swim (ACHIEVED, finally!!) Now I have to get comfortable jumping in the deep end!
  • Complete a triathlon (sprint for starters set for JULY 2009)ACHIEVED–Now I’m hooked!
  • Complete a half marathon (Rock N Roll Half – August 2009)-ACHIEVED! I’ve done many more!
  • Complete my MBA-Started in November 2010, planned graduation 2013ACHIEVED-October 2013 changed focus to MBA with a concentration in Information Systems Management.
  • Swim with Dolphins. ACHIEVED- FEB 2012
  • Travel bucket list items -Achieved
    • Spain (2015)
    • Danube River Cruise (2013)
    • Costa Rica (multiple times)
    • Holocaust Museum in DC (2017)
    • Rhine River boat cruise (2017)


  • Meet new people and get to know them.
  • Smile, try to maintain a positive attitude, and say hello (a daily goal).
  • Find and stay in touch with old friends that you have always loved (I’ve found quite a few people, moving in the right direction).



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