About Me

Our best friend Bogie

About me….let’s see…

I am a wife, married since October 1995 to a wonderful, very loving man named Chris.

I am a recent graduate of Loyola’s MBA program, with a concentration in Information Systems Management. I love playing around with technology…but I had no idea what I was getting into!

I’m an Accountant, CPA. I have worked at the same company since 1999…I’ve recently experienced a career change in technology from Accounting and it’s been very interesting so far…

I love to exercise, I do short distance triathlons in the summer along with running races. I’m not a winter warrior, so I stay in during the cold months and run on the treadmill or find other indoor workouts like spinning and weight training and P90X!!

I love music, most kinds…especially rock and metal…except when the singer sounds like Godzilla (rasping/scream) and attempts to call it singing-instant turn off.

I also love to travel. I would love to see so much of this wonderful world that we live in and I hope to share much of that here on this blog.

I have 4 parrots that I share my world with. Lola, Baci, Trevi and Roma…my feathered kids! And our best friend Bogie, a Black Lab.

All the feathered kids

4 Comments Add yours

  1. janepatrickm says:

    I really love Parrot but I don’t have one, It’s not acceptable in the premises but I dog. Hi to Bogie as well.

  2. yonderlist says:

    Hi Holly! Thanks for following Yonderlist! We’d love for you to rate some of the places you’ve been on our tool. It’s specifically designed to support travel bloggers, and get them more exposure. http://www.yonderlist.com/

    1. angief02 says:

      Hello, you sent this note to me, but I don’t believe I was the intended recipient. My name is Angie and this is addressed to Holly. Just FYI.

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