Chattanooga, Tennessee 2017

We ended up in Chattanooga Tennessee for Thanksgiving this year, 11/23-11/26.  Cheap flights to Atlanta (6 am flight), a short drive over and inexpensive lodging made this a nice weekend getaway to explore a small area of Tennessee.

Arriving on Thanksgiving afternoon, nothing was open in this small town. We got settled in our little apartment, took a nap then went to the movies which also doubled as our dinner venue (ugh).  We saw the movie Wonder; movies are becoming a thing for us to do on Thanksgiving the last few years.

Friday, (Chris’ Birthday!) we had a great breakfast at MeanMug Coffee House and then set off to explore Lookout Mountain. We found a trail head called Guild trail that lead right up the mountain and to all it’s attractions, passing Ruby Falls and leading up to Point Park and Cravens House. We walked to Ruby Falls and spent quite a bit of time in the tour group getting through the caves and getting to the actual falls.  Frankly, I was not impressed. I have seen better waterfalls and I also have an aversion to caves to begin with, so this was definitely not for me. We left there and continued to walk the Guild Trail up a few more miles. This was a very easy trail, made for walking and with a slight incline as you head up the mountain.  Chris wanted to go explore the waterfront area before dark, so we headed back and went into downtown (total trail hike was about 7 miles). Downtown was festive with Christmas activities, food booths and vendors. We went out for dinner to Sticky Fingers and had Ribs, which is Chris’ favorite food but unfortunately, our restaurant choice did not impress us.

Saturday, we headed back to Lookout Mountain since we didn’t finish the trail walk up to Point Park and Craven’s House yesterday. These were two very interesting, historic areas. We learned the historic relevance of Lookout Mountain from the Civil War; how important Chattanooga’s role was in the war as a railroad hub and also for its river way.  There are many points along the drive up the mountain that identify battle areas, and that offer remembrance to the soldiers that fought there.  Midday, we decided to travel further out on Lookout Mountain into Georgia to Lula Lake land Trust. LOVED THIS! This was a great hike with many trails all leading to the waterfall. We took the longest possible trail available (4.5 miles), most of which was an easy hike wth mild elevation. We had bluff views of Georgia in some areas, and had a challenging short hike down and up to the actual waterfall. I also wanted to explore an area called Signal Mountain which I head had excellent hiking as well, so we took a ride up to the Julia Falls overlook on Signal Mountain. I wanted to hike down, Chris didn’t, so we just admired the view for a while before heading back into town for dinner. Our dinner pick tonight was Blue Orleans. New Orleans food in Tennessee; It was very good, would definitely recommend!

Sunday, our flight out was at 6pm, so we had time to do some exploring. We decided to take a leisurely drive out toward Alabama and then back up into Georgia. We stopped by Little River Falls in Alabama, and then took a stroll in down town Marietta, Georgia before finally heading to the airport for our flight home. This was a very nice, relaxing trip away, with definitely more potential for Tennessee to be placed on our retirement home list.





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