Canada 2014

Road Trip to Ontario Canada with visits to Guelph, Priceville, and Toronto

July 11th Chris, me and Bogie, our Black Lab set off for a road trip to Canada. Chris has a huge extended family there and has been absent for a few years. Me, well, the last time I saw many of them was on our wedding day, almost 18 years ago, so to say I’ve been overdue for a visit is an understatment. This was Chris’ pilgrimage back to his homeland and he was anxious to see his family and tell me stories of his family history.

Chris and I arrived in Guelph, Ontario late on Friday and checked into the Hotel. We ventured out to visit nearby Guelph university (where Chris’ dad went to school) and also a local coffee shop. We were tired from the drive so we didn’t venture out too far for too long.

Cousin Mark cooking the feast

Cousin Mark cooking the feast


At Mt. Baldy

The next day we stayed local visiting an art fair in town, then exploring “ALICE” street, the infamous street where the senior Ferraro’s lived, worked and raised their families. Also visited one of the Ferraro family farms where a small house and barn are being renovated.  Then finally to Campbellville farm, where the family grew up, played and still continues to play and where a family reunion/party was held on the evening of the 12th. Chris’ aunts and uncles have all passed on, but he has 20 first cousins all near the area and most of them (and their children) were there today. You can imagine how much fun I was having trying to remember everyone’s names, lineage, etc. Since I had not been to the farm in over 19 years, I was due another tour as much has changed over time. By late afternoon the farm was in full swing, the weather was perfect, the riding tractor was out, and food was being served. Cousin Mark made an incredible combination of chicken, veggies and sausage all seasoned and grilled outdoors and prepared on a glass table.  He cooked this meal for over 6 hrs!! It was simply amazing! Really, all of the food was delicious, and naturally I was stuffed!!! Next stop, Priceville cottage with Cousin John and family. A beautiful, scenic area where we hiked and explored nature trails. The featured image, and our photo were taken there. We also went up to the family lake houses at McCullough Lake. On the way up, we stopped at a farmers market and among buying fresh farm berries and garlic, we watched an auction where some cows were being auctioned off to slaughter. That was uncomfortable. Although I love to eat meat, looking them in the eye and knowing their fate was not easy to do. I was glad it didn’t last too long.


Bogie and his favorite way to fetch!

Lake McCullough was a beautiful area, we really enjoyed hanging out and going for a pontoon boat ride. Would have like to swim and kayak but it was actually quite cold for mid July so we just hung out. Since most of the cousins came up to spend the day, we had another family feast!! Bogie, our faithful companion walked all the trails with us in Priceville and at the lake, he took every opportunity to jump in the water and go for a swim. He was such a trooper!

The last two days we spent at cousin Janice’s place in Toronto. The day we arrived, we went out for a Greek dinner and then went to see the 2nd generation cousins’ band FERRARO play at a local Toronto bar called The Horseshoe. They put on an awesome show!! Rockabilly type music, very good, great harmonies. Really enjoyed them! Our final day included another family feast (might rename this post “eating my way through Canada”) at Janice’s place. All the cousins came again and stayed late into the night. It was nice to see everyone again before we said farewell and make our 10 hr drive back home the next morning.

Needless to say, getting back home was a slap into reality. Spending so much time in rural Canada and then the quiet suburb of Toronto, I did not look forward to the return home, our local traffic and worst of all the now constant screeching jet noise over our home.  It was a nice vacation, and I hope we get to spend more time seeing everyone again soon!!



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