New York 2011

My friend Ginny and I took a weekend long trip to New York in May. I’ve never been to NY city and have always wanted to have the experience.  I tried traveling there once before for a business training class and never made it due to flight problems. This trip almost ended the same way.

Leaving my house, I received a text message from the airline stating that my flight had been canceled. Not to be discouraged, we ventured off to the airport anyway to find an alternate flight. About 8 hrs later, we finally landed in NY..almost midnight. We had tickets for lady liberty in the morning and a play on Saturday night, so we did not want to risk not getting in on time.

First on the agenda Saturday morning was a visit to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. I was really looking forward to this. This alone was the primary reason for my wanting to visit New York. It was a rainy, cloudy day so the statue was not very visible from far away, however I was able to get some great photos and although our tickets did not permit us to get all the way to the top of the statue, we were able to get in and see out over the hudson and harbor.

Being from a family of Italian immigrants to the US, I was very interested in visiting Ellis Island and experiencing the plight of so many immigrants from Poland, Italy & Russia and other European countries. There were letters written from some immigrants recalling their vision of the Statue of Liberty for the first time, and the overwhelming feeling of joy they experienced. I could have stayed there and read their stories for hours.  I found out my grandfather came to the USA via Ellis Island prior to WWI (and I found his name in one of the registers) but he went back to Italy when the war started. I found this great web site on immigration and saw some familiar photos here as I did at Ellis Island.

We saw two plays while we were here, Bengal Tiger, which I wasn’t really crazy about. It was just strange, not sure how to describe it. We also saw War Horse, which was excellent. I really enjoyed the play and also saw the movie when it came out in 2012. The play definitely left more for your imagination, similar to reading a book, in my opinion. And of course, we had an evening in times square which was very cool and a fun experience. I couldn’t believe that once we left the theatre around 11 pm, the entire square was still buzzing and bustling, even the stores were still open like Levis and M&M!

A few other things:

  • A visit to Wall street. Naturally, I couldn’t go to NY and not see this famous street.
  • Went the wrong way on the sub way. No biggie there, turned around and got back on track.
  • Visit to St. Paul’s chapel with the memorial to 9/11 (the new buildings were still being constructed). I could have stayed there all day too….very emotional.
  • Went for a long walk in Central Park. What a cool park! I would love to run there every day if I could. I was really surprised at how big this park is and how quickly someone could get lost or loose their bearings.

New York was interesting and cool. I’m very happy to have had the opportunity to visit and I will go back someday.



About angief02

I am a Wife, an Accountant, and technology geek. I love to Travel, workout, do short distance triathlons and hang out with friends.
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