It’s been a while!

Wow, I looked back at my last post and it was in January of this year. It’s now mid November and so much has happened. Where to begin??

1) I graduated!!! I’m done with school! I now have EARNED an MBA with a concentration in Information Systems Management. I now have time for a life…or…at least some time to fit life in my life!

2) We went on an awesome trip this summer. It was a Danube river boat cruise visiting 5 countries and then we ended in Italy visiting my parents. So, 18 days, and 6 countries and it was fantastic! I’ll post a separate blog on that alone!

3)I have a new job! Well, actually it’s at the same company, working with many of the same people but it’s totally different from anything I’ve ever done. I now lead the Data Warehouse Technology team for Investments, previously I was an Accountant for the Investments department I now support!

4)While I planed on spending  much of my new-found free time with volunteer opportunities, I have also found a new mission…. FAiR is the Fair Coalition in Runways. It’s a team of individuals from the NW side of Chicago who are protesting the recent changes in flight pattern of O’Hare airport. Read “my house has now become part of O’Hare’s runway”. Not exactly how I wanted to spend my free time, but this must be done. More on this later too.

5)My hip injury came back with a vengeance. Thus, I’ve had almost no racing season this year. I did a few runs early on but I was primarily banned from running most of the summer. I’m feeling better now and trying slowing to get back at it as well as my promise of cooking and clean eating.

Ok..and now to move forward….


About angief02

I am a Wife, an Accountant, and technology geek. I love to Travel, workout, do short distance triathlons and hang out with friends.
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