On to new things…

Happy New Year everyone!! So excited to be starting off 2013 on a very positive note. I’m looking forward to a year of rewarding experiences, positive outlooks, and healthy living. I don’t make resolutions, and I looked back at last years post and confirmed that some ideas I had at the time have been daily goals, rather than a complete change. This seems to work for me.. I want to be able to modify that goal to accommodate changes in circumstances. We cannot foresee the future. However, with that said, I would like to acknowledge some changes I’ve been making in my daily life so far.

1) I really want to start dressing more professionally at work. I’ve fallen into the pants and shirt mode every day for a few years now and I want change this up so I can feel like i’m “dressing for success”. I feel that dressing professionally at work can really impact my professional attitude. That said, in November I bought some dresses, skirts, pant suits and new shoes. I already started wearing these and making this change and boy was it noticed. I had so many people ask me “what’s up”,  and “why are you wearing a dress”, etc. that it really occurred to me how drab my daily attire really was. So, I plan to keep this going. That’s not to say that I wont wear pants and a shirt/sweater anymore but I can certainly switch up my appearance so that I feel more professional and maybe add a scarf, etc to “liven things up”.

2) I have disliked my current position at work for some time now. I mentioned a bit about this in my last post. I’ve been wanting a change and I’ve had discussions with other managers about a potential new role in the organization. Well, last week, I was asked to apply for a new position that will be posted on Monday. Excited? YES, scared? YES! This new role is totally out of my comfort zone, but I have been so ready for a change that I must see how this fits into my life. So, I will apply, and see what happens. Hopefully, I and they can agree on a new position for me and I can set a new outlook for 2013 in this realm as well.

3) I started listening to podcasts from Manager Tools. These discussions are really fantastic. Through them, I have learned so much about my own attitude professionally, how to handle certain situations as they arise in a professional environment and mostly working with others and their different perspectives. A must to continue into the new year. Here is a link if interested.  http://www.manager-tools.com

4) As always, I want to make sure I stay healthy. I work out regularly with cardio, weights, etc. I show up for compete in triathlons and running races and this is certainly something I would like to keep up in the new year. I would like to push myself harder though because I don’t feel that I’ve worked as hard as I should.

5) One thing that I really need to get more involved in is cooking. I’m such a lousy cook and if not for my husband, my daily meals would be cereal and Progresso soup. We eat healthy, good food. We are very conscious of our meals, however time is a big issue and that always interferes with my cooking. I’m home late or not at all so my wonderful hubby is always cooking up a storm and I’m running in as dinner is served or taking it with me for a to go dinner. I need to help…maybe I can do weekend meal planning??  I am also keeping a food log to see just how bad my snacking habits are. I want to try and lose a bit of weight and this is really making me aware of how much food I eat and also portion sizes. I’m doing this with a group of people on line and we are keeping each other motivated.

6) And then there is school. I graduate this year!! My degree will be a Masters In Information Systems Management. I’m excited to finally finish, however as I mentioned before, its bittersweet with the thought that I’ve committed to continue for another degree, an MBA. Ugh, I’m still debating this although I feel like this is something that professionally I really need to do. That said, I need to learn to manage school and life. I need to learn effective study habits and how to get more out of what I’m learning and the time I spend doing it. Including effective time management for school, work and home life. Suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.

So, will all that above, I’m also looking forward to some vacation/free time with hubby and friends as well as family time. 2013 will be a great year!

What are you plans for the new year? How do you balance work/life/school? what do you do to eat healthy? Would love to hear your ideas.


About angief02

I am a Wife, an Accountant, and technology geek. I love to Travel, workout, do short distance triathlons and hang out with friends.
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