Frustrations and disappointments

It’s been a very emotionally stressful few weeks. It seems like ever since I had the setback with my back going out, I have not been able to get into the groove of working out again. I picked up slowly, and was certainly progressing..I did a race, signed up for a few more.. the first of which was today and I DNS (did not show).  The reason? I’m exhausted. Period.

Start with my class at school. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever tried so hard to fail so badly. I have spent every weekend, about 10 to 16 hrs each weekend working on homework for this class. Mostly,  I cant find a good example, I’m not creative enough or I just don’t get it. I’ve emailed students, gotten help, emailed the professor and visited with him, I’ve read and searched on line… sometimes i’m ok, but mostly not. This class is VBA, Visual Basic Applications, something I really wanted to know, to understand, to be versed (even a little) on the topic. Why is this so painful? There are other students that are struggling, but I don’t think as bad as I am. It’s very frustrating to NOT look forward to my weekend because plainly, I don’t have them anymore. I have a few minutes now because I basically said “uncle” to this weeks homework and will leave it as is (after 14 hrs. of struggling). I am so looking forward to November 2nd (day after finals)!!!

Work, well I wont get into it too much, but after 14 years, I get to be the Guinea PIG on a new policy and it’s certainly not to my benefit. A day late and a dollar short. Others qualified, now the policy changed and here I sit. Once again, disappointed and frustrated and needing to make new decisions.

Constant stress brings on constant headaches, but I really thought that I could push myself through with some good old fashioned hard core workouts. It’s just not happening. I’m working out, yes. But, as my energy is shot, my workouts have been less than enthusiastic. My swim today I could barely muster 600 yards, I would typically do 2000 on a Sunday. Where did it go??

Need my MoJo back.


About angief02

I am a Wife, an Accountant, and technology geek. I love to Travel, workout, do short distance triathlons and hang out with friends.
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