Training season is here again!

Many events going on the last few weeks. All good, thankfully.

Went to the BlackHawks game!! I was very excited to be going, it’s been quite a while since i’ve been to a game. Unfortunately, they lost, but it was a good time anyway. Took the boys who were excited to be going, even more so than me! Now for the playoffs, although I doubt I will get a ticket for that. ;(

One of the main events of the past few weeks was going to see Van Halen (I realized I’ve seen them at least 4 times now).  After pondering over ticket prices for weeks, I finally found a few seats within a reasonable distance from the stage that were not too expensive (or at least within reason). Diamond Dave, well…I think he could have done better, or at least he has done better. He is a pompous ass, so my opinion of him is low as it is. His singing was off key and he seemed to make some stuff up as he went along. Now, I understand some of the making up stuff is part of his performance, but the singing off key was not planned. Alex and Eddie….well, lets just say they still totally ROCK! Unbelievable performances!! Just fantastic. My pictures didn’t come out to great, but I’ll see what I can muster…

Last but not least, it’s TRI training season again!! yeah! Back on board with TWT training group. Made it to a class on Saturday morning (6:30 am). Ugh..I really need to get used to this again! But, i’m excited to be back in training mode again. It’s fun, exciting and helps me to push just a little harder!! I’m getting my race schedule set up…I have registered for a few running races but no Tris yet. I’d like to try something different this year, maybe in addition to the normal ones, or even change/swap one.  Still sprint courses, i’m not yet willing do to an olympic distance, just not interested really. I actually I think I enjoy the training more than the racing..not to mention all the gadgets I get to buy in the process that my husband insists I don’t need and he is likely right! Off we go for another summer of fun!!


About angief02

I am a Wife, an Accountant, and technology geek. I love to Travel, workout, do short distance triathlons and hang out with friends.
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